007 Vergånglichleit

May (2021)

Words by Miriam Partington
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An interview with artist Paul Schrader (1)
Talking to Mario Lombardo (2)
Maria Koch on the making of 032c (3)
A chat with designer Stine Aas (4)
Meet Chris Glass from Soho House (5)
Photography by Sven Marquardt (6)

006 Shibui

Jan (2021)

Words by Cathy Buckmaster
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An interview with Studio Kaksikko (1)
Meet Tadatomo Oshima, director of IDÉE (2)
Thomas Saile in adidas Japan HQ (3)
Yuri Suzuki from Pentagram (4)
Masafumi Watanabe on BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS (5)
Minimalism Tokyo by Maki Shinohara (6)

005 København

Oct (2020)

Words by Rebecca Norberg
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Copenhagen and the culture of community (1)
Meet Adam Holm, founder of Blonde Inc. (2)
A chat with architect Agustina García del Río (3)
Bonnie Hvillum onc Natural Material Studio (4)
Mikey Estrada and the new generation (5)
Visual essay by Maya Matsuura (6)

004 Au∂lind

Jun (2020)

Words by Maria Kristin Jonsdottir
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Get to know Hanna Dís Whitehead (1)
Páll Haukur Björnsson on his art (2)
An interview with Pétur Örn Eyjólfsson (3)
Designer, artist and maker Ragna Ragnarsdóttir (4)
On ceramics and geology (5)
Photography by Tian Khee Siong (6)

003 Kasmos

Feb (2020)

Words by Hanna-Katariina Mononen
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Master cabinet maker Antrei Hartikainen (1)
A chat with artist Antti Kalevi (2)
Designer Jonas Lutz talks about his work (3)
Meet the founders of Nemo Architects (4)
Photo essay by Hanna-Katariina Mononen (5)
Sara Urbanski on art and photography (6)

002 Outsiders

Nov (2019)

Words by J. Audas & J. McNeely
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Nick Ross as Designer in Residence (1)
Scarlett Hessian on her practice (2)
Meet furniture designer Andrew Watts (3)
An interview with designer Erin Turkoglu (4)
Sweden by photographer Ryan Laurita (5)
A photo essay by Jannik Obenhoff (6)

001 Open

Aug (2019)

Words by J. Audas & J. McNeely
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Meet our founding designers (1)
Our products for launch (2)
Breathtaking Nordic landscapes (3)
Alexandra Nilasdotter and Gustavsberg (4)
Exploring ÅBEN’s typographic detail (5)